Gossen Digisix Review

Hurray, hurray, I just purchased a Gossen Digisix light meter on Craigslist.

In time I’ll expand on this blog post to describe my success (hopefully) in using my almost new Gossen Digisix light meter.

Gossen Digisix Purchase Choices

Yes, you can actually purchase quality things on Craigslist.  I purchased this lightly used item for $81 from Mark in Wheaton, Illinois.  (Thanks Mark.)  But Craigslist is always a bit of a risk.

Certainly you can purchase a Gossen Digisix at Amazon.  No risk, it’s Amazon.

Used Camera Collectors Need a Light Meter

It was a strange feeling.  When the Gossen Digisix came via UPS I opened it and felt like it was Christmas?

Why does a new light meter feel like Christmas?  I realized that all of my questionable light meters could be tested and all of my film cameras with dead light meters were suddenly usable.

Now I can test the Yashica Lynx 14

Since summer my Yashica Lynx 14 from Delavan, Wisconsin has sat on my shelf, waiting for me.  I made 3 minor repairs to it but realized the light meter was dead with a battery.  Now I can shoot the Yashica Lynx 14.

Now I can test the Zenit-E

My Zenit-E was a disappointment.  Most likely a faulty built in light meter.  Now I can find out for sure.

Now I can really test the Olympus OM-1n

My surprise Olympus OM was a disappointment (review isn’t written yet).  Even after using the correct battery, all the pictures were slightly over exposed.  Now I can test the Olympus OM-1n with the Gossen Digisix light meter.

My Gossen Digisix meets my Old Light Meters

Like any avid camera collector and photographer, I own several light meters that don’t use batteries.  I tested all six of my “light meters” yesterday on my lunch hour stroll.  Only one of my six old light meters was very similar in its readings to the Gossen Digisix.

Now I’m setting aside the defective but pretty old light meters and keeping the Sekonic Auto-Lumi that matches up with my Gossen Digisix.  It will be my backup light meter.

I can’t wait to test my old cameras in the same way.

Gossen Digisix Stories on the Way

In time, I’ll add more notes on the Gossen Digisix.  For right now, it feels like Christmas in November.

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