35mm Film Cameras and Blogging

Why do people blog?  Is it for joy, money, or both?

For this website on film cameras, I blog for the fun of it.

No more Google Adsense for this Website

With all due respect to Google, I’ve shut down Google AdSense ads for this website.  I do own two other websites and one of them does use Google Adsense.  I’m not terribly good with putting up Google AdSense ads on a website.  It’s not Google’s fault that I liked my old website theme.  And I missed the old look of my What is a Film Camera website.

Why do we blog?

I always smile when I hear that someone is starting a blog.  Blogging is hard work if done for the wrong reasons.

Blogging for Money

If you think that blogging is a path to wealth you’re sadly mistaken.  I read once that over 90% of all new bloggers stop blogging in the first 30 days.  If you’re not blogging about something you enjoy and you’re blogging for money, reality sets in pretty quickly.

For most bloggers, they begin to realize the tiny ROI (return on investment) for each blog.  Crafting a decent blog article in 30-60 minutes and doing it again and again without making money tends to diminish your interest in blogging.

Blogging for Joy

This is something dear to my heart.  I do like the feel of heavy old film cameras.  I enjoy meeting people, discussing cameras, and pointing them to my website.  I also enjoy writing.  I’m not a great writer but I’m a decent writer (hope you agree).

And as you have seen on this website, I do enjoy telling stories about acquiring old film cameras and testing those old cameras out in the field.  Every now and then I take some great photos.

I was becoming disappointed with this website because I couldn’t earn some income from it.  Maybe this blog was trying to tell me something.

Monetizing Websites

I am an online marketing hobbyist.  The buzzword for us is “monetizing” a website.  Making money.  Perhaps this website will earn me dollars one day.  But for now, I’ll just enjoy blogging about film cameras and having a clean WordPress theme.  I use WordPress for blogging and the Weaver theme built by Bruce Wampler.  It’s a clean theme that I can understand and use.

Thanks for Visiting my Website

I do have other websites including Online GED Site and Your Excel CoachOnline GED Site are articles of advice for high school dropouts trying to pass the GED test.  Your Excel Coach is a website with some Microsoft Excel advice that will soon be offering an ebook of mine named The World’s Shortest Excel Book.  Although I am passionate about helping high school dropouts and also teaching Excel (I was a computer training consultant for a decade or more), both of those websites are monetized.

But for now, What is a Film Camera is all about my joy of acquiring, owning, and using old film cameras.  Perhaps I’ll monetize it one day with a few ads or places to buy old cameras.

But for now, for What is a Film Camera, I blog not for money but for the joy of it.  I’m always glad to hear from my readers.  In this last month alone I had visitors from 75 countries.  Wow.  Thanks for visiting today.

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