My name is Richard and I am an amateur photographer and camera collector living in Chicago, IL.  I collect old cameras, test them, and tell their “stories”.  As you’ll discover on this website, each camera has its own story to tell.  One new friend said I’m a “camera archivist”.  I like that term.

Primarily, I shoot 35mm film with my 100 + old film cameras.  Since I am constantly testing old cameras, I do bring a digital camera along as a backup.

What is a film camera?

I’m glad you asked that question.  Hopefully you’ll stay on my website and return another day to read about film cameras, collecting them, and reading about my photographic journey.

Let’s share our photographic journeys together.

Best Wishes from Chicago, IL USA


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  1. I know little bout photography, but am a little interested in the nuts and bolts of early camera construction. Wood in a camera today– unheard of. Glass—same. (FYI– During the 70’s Phil B. and I worked at Bell + Howell grinding camera lenses.) Are you aware that thousands of Matthew Brady’s glass Civil War exposures were used to cover plant hothouses and poor peoples windows as people lost interest in the bloodshed.

    • Doc,
      So nice of a good friend to visit my website.
      No, I didn’t know about Matthew Brady’s glass exposures being used for hothouses and windows as the Civil War dragged onward.

      • Brady’s glass actually lost popularity AFTER the civil war ended. HE and other photographers sold their glass to the highest bidders en masse to make ends meet. The buyers bought the items for their value as glass, not the images contained on them. There was a large demand for glass to fix windows broken during the war and various riots.

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