Andersonville Garage Sales – Chicago, IL

Today, June 23, 2012, was the Andersonville Garage Sale Day

If you’re from Chicago, keep in mind the Andersonville Garage Sale day sometime in late June.  Andersonville is on the north side of Chicago and bounded by Foster on the south, Bryn Mawr on the north, Ravenswood on the west, and perhaps Greenwood Street on the east.  But don’t take my word for it, ask anyone from Andersonville.

Andersonville Neighborhood, Chicago, IL

Andersonville Neighborhood, Chicago, IL

I did find something for free at the garage sales, you’ll need to to to the end of this blog post to see it.

Nice People and Nice Items in the Andersonville Garage Sale

About 50 families participated.  This was garage sale heaven.  But strangely, no cameras today.

My friend Tom and I did these garage sales together today.  Tom loves his vinyl records and also found some furniture he liked.  As for me, I look for cameras.

As a pair, we are a bit unbalanced in our search method.  Tom looks for records/books and then rummages through record after record or book after book.  As for me, it’s the ever popular:

Hi, afternoon.  Do you have any film cameras?

If they say no I always ask:

Do you have any film cameras inside?

When they hesitate I know the answer is yes.  That’s when it gets interesting.  You’d be surprised how many people will go into their houses to find old cameras for me.  If they say they don’t want to sell them I just say, “That’s OK.  I promise I won’t buy them.  I just want to see them.” (And, I mean what I say.)

Ten Dollar OM-10, Missed it by 10 Minutes

I missed purchasing an Olympus OM-10 with two lens and a case by ten minutes.  For $10.

Tom became tired of hearing me complain about the camera that “got away” and threatened to hit me.  I smiled.  I knew I’d get the last word on my blog.

But if you miss a camera by ten minutes at a garage sale (and you will), get over it.  You keep searching enough garage sales, cameras just come to you in time.  Maybe not today, but eventually you will find the great camera bargains.

Nikon FG and Canon EOS 650, No Offer Made

I just like seeing cameras, even if I can’t buy them or won’t buy them.

Gerhardt and Betsy sat me down on their white sofa for sale and showed me their cameras.  And the Nikon FG went to Africa.  (Gerhardt and Betsy were deep into their 70’s).

Sometimes the Best Deal is the One You Don’t Make

As Gerhardt, Betty, and I discussed their two cameras I forgot totally that Tom was watching.  Only later did he say he was proud I didn’t try to low ball offer the two senior citizens.  It never crossed my mind.

I told them what I thought their cameras were worth and as it turns out, my guesses were correct per eBay.  Nikon FG cameras with two lenses currently cost less than $100 and a Canon EOS 650 with a zoom lens is a bit over $50.  So I gave them helpful information.

Like I said, sometimes the best deals are the ones you don’t make.

Canon T50 for $40?  No Deal

I met a young couple selling a few things in front of their apartment building.  Yes, they did have a camera inside.  It was a Canon T50 with one Canon lens and two no name brand other lenses.

The young lady wanted $40 and I didn’t like the plastic feel of the camera.  She was nice but her camera didn’t feel right.  I also though $40 was too much.  Sold prices on eBay are half as much plus shipping.

A $150 Photography Book for Free?

Would you pay $150 for the book Century (edited by Bruce Bernard, published by Phaidon)?  That’s what they are selling for used at Amazon.

Canon SD880, June 23, 2012, Andersonville Garage Sales, Century by Phaidon

Canon SD880, June 23, 2012, Andersonville Garage Sales, Century by Phaidon

Canon SD880, June 23, 2012, Andersonville Garage Sales, Century Inside

Canon SD880, June 23, 2012, Andersonville Garage Sales, Century Inside

The Last Sale, a “Free” Table

Just before the restaurant Pauline’s at Balmoral and Ravenswood (good food, good people) there was an abandoned card table with books on it.  And one of the books was huge.

The book had Phaidon written on its spine.  I knew it was a photography book.

Underneath the table was a sign.

Everything on this table is free.  Except the table.

The Book is Mine

Tom touched the book on the table first (he was ahead of me).

I grabbed the book and said, “It’s mine.”

Tom said, “Don’t you have to pay for that?”.

I said, “Look at the sign, it’s free.”

It’s funny, I don’t feel bad about grabbing that book ahead of Tom.  And, I don’t think Tom we’ll lose sleep over the photography book Century tonight.

I don’t know if my $150 used Century book is really worth that much.  But the story it gave me with my good friend Tom is priceless.

Canon SD880, June 23, 2012, Andersonville Garage Sales, Tom

Karma and Camera Purchases in Andersonville (Chicago)

Take a garage sale walk with a friend this summer.  Just make sure he or she likes something different than you do.  (Next time, I’ll take more photos.)

And remember that some of the best deals of the day are the ones you don’t make.  It’s just good karma.  Thanks Tom, I owe you a great garage sale deal (I’ll be looking for you).  And guess what, Tom even paid for lunch (thanks Tom).

Thanks for visiting What is a Film Camera today.



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