Canon Photura and Olympus LT-1

I was driving from Chicago’s north side to Lombard for a PMP study group (I had just passed the PMP test, hurray).  It was a June Saturday in 2013.

Garage Sale in Old Irving

I saw a garage sale sign for 3800 N. Tripp.  I thought, “Why not?”.  It would just take ten minutes or less.

“Do you have any old film cameras?”

Don’t look for film cameras.  Ask for film cameras.  Sometimes people have an old film camera in their home in the attic or basement (they forget about them).

The lady said, “Yes, I think I do have some cameras.”

Canon Photura, Autoboy Jet, Epoca

It’s all the same camera.

Michelle the owner reached into a bag and pulled out a bulky camera.  I knew right away it was a Canon Photura.  It’s not incredibly valuable, just valuable to me.  I purchased one on Craigslist long distance and it worked briefly and then stopped working (bad battery door).

She explained her husband purchased it for her in the U.S. and the camera had traveled with her to Hong Kong.  (I’ve never been to Hong Kong).

Olympus LT-1

She pulled the Olympus out of the bag.  It looked familiar.  I opened it’s leatherette case.  It’s really a fancy Olympus mju Stylus Epic dressed up in leather (the LT stands for leather tech).  It was a green leather beauty.

$12 and Two Cameras are Mine

As I told the owner, you don’t know if these cameras will work until you put in a battery.  So it’s risky.

I offered $10.  She wanted $15.  I countered with $12.  Sold.

Will they Work?

I still don’t know.  But I’ll test the Canon Photura tomorrow.  The Olympus LT-1 looks like it needs a special battery.

What’s Your Hobby?

I’ve never sold any of my cameras but I’m about to sell some on eBay.  I’ve never done this to make any money.  I just enjoy collecting and shooting old cameras.

But my wife tells me it’s time to sell some cameras.  So that’s what I’ll do.

Thanks for visiting and reading about my Canon Photura and Olympus LT-1.  Two beautiful cameras for $12 at a garage sale.

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