Matt Denton’s New Website

I wanted to write a brief blog post to tell my visitors and readers that Matt Denton has a new address for his camera website.  You’ll find Matt’s Classic Cameras incredibly useful, and fun.

Who is Matt Denton?

Matt has a non-photography full-time job but has spent countless hours describing used cameras for everyone at Matt’s Classic Cameras.  If Matt had a dollar for every time I visited his website he could probably purchase an expensive used camera.

Why am I promoting Matt Denton’s website?

Recently I visited Matt Denton’s blog and I saw his request that his readers promote his new website domain with all of his good used camera information.  So I’m doing this short blog post on his behalf.

Matt Denton doesn’t know me personally, we’ve never emailed, or spoken on a phone.  But Matt’s pretty special in the photographic blog community where I spend way too much of my time.

When you have a chance, visit Matt’s Classic Cameras website.

As for today, as always, I give you my thanks for visiting What is a Film Camera.





Matt Denton’s New Website — 2 Comments

    • Buck,
      Matt’s website has prompted me to purchase several cameras he described.
      He asked his readers to link to his website for a specific reason and I thought I would help out with his request.
      Thanks for visiting my website.

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