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Free Camera Giveaways

Yes, from time to time I’ll announce a camera giveaway to email subscribers on a camera I’ve blogged about.

The camera will be a camera that I’ve tested.

You enter by commenting on the blog post for the camera that you want.  I’ll use my Microsoft Excel skills to randomly choose a winner from the blog commenters.

Then I send you an email for your address, you pay the shipping (normally just ten bucks), and I send you the camera.

When I have one hundred subscribers I’ll do my first camera giveaway.


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One More Step to Subscribe to What is a Film Camera — 6 Comments

    • Leigh,
      Thanks for your comment.
      Yes, I was a bit surprised the Olympus XA did so well in low light without a flash.
      But then, I normally test all my cameras in low light just to see how well they perform. The Olympus XA is certainly a keeper.

  1. I’m glad i foung your website dear Richard.
    I’m also a classic camera collector and user of all kinds of film…
    I use the 126 cartridge as well as the 110, Minox, 127, 120, 620,828 and occasionally, if i have the patience,13×18 cm sheet film in my huge large format (18x24cm)studio camera which is an antique Lumiere et Dapierre.

  2. Great site. I own around 20 film slrs. Akso have around 3 rangefinders and 2 tlrs. Would be great to be in touch.

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