Old Film Cameras vs Digital Camera Advice

Always get the photo.

This weekend I was testing a Nikon N6006 on a Saturday morning walk in the park.  I had two very nice photo opportunities.

A Chicago Soccer Game, Lost Opportunities

In Chicago, IL some old tennis courts have been re-fitted as small soccer fields.  A great idea since there are easily ten to twenty times more soccer players in Chicago than tennis players.  Today I asked for permission to sit next to the players and take a few shots.

I’ll never see them.  Apparently the Nikon N6006 misfired.  The developed film came back empty.

On another day (actually at night), the tennis court/soccer field game looked like this photo taken with a 40 year old Yashica GSN, ASA 200, and no flash.

Yashica Electro GSN, Flare, Kilbourn Park Soccer Game at Night

A Homeless Man Returns, Lost Opportunities

Minutes later on my walk I met Oly the homeless man living again in Kilbourn Park in Chicago, IL USA.  Oly is living at the north end of Kilbourn Park by the Addison Street bus stop.  And, he’s now living outside on the edge of Winter.

It was nice seeing this unusual man again but sad to meet him again as a homeless man in Kilbourn Park.

Oly kindly allowed me to photograph him.  And he photographed me.  But you’ll never see the photos.  Either the Nikon N6006 misfired or the pharmacy store developers botched my film.

This is the first photo I ever took of Oly with my Yashica 1000 camera.  I met him at 7:30 AM on a Sunday morning stroll at Kilbourn Park, Chicago, IL.  (Hope you’re doing well Oly.)

Yashica Lynx 1000 Meeting Oly, Homeless Man

Old Film Cameras or Digital Cameras, Take Both

If you have a film camera you can depend upon, you can feel free to take just one camera.

But if you’re testing a 20 year old Nikon camera, your test photos may never be seen.

Photographic history is full of great photos taken with a dependable camera someone had with them.  I’m not hoping for a pulitzer prize photo, but I am hoping to take good photos with a dependable camera.

Always take two dependable cameras.  And if you’re silly enough to collect old film cameras and test them, you better hope your second cameras is rock solid dependable.  So for me, the answer is to take both an old film camera and a digital camera that works.

Just get the photo.  You may never see anything like it again.

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