One Handed Photography

Someone found my website searching for “one armed photographer”.  This gave me pause for thought.  Are they looking for famous one handed photographers or is someone searching the Internet looking for one handed photography?

Great One Handed Photographer:  Josef Sudek

I know of only one great amputee photographer:  Josef Sudek.  As I learn of more one handed photographers I’ll add them to this blog.

Josef Sudek injured his right arm badly during World War I.  It was amputated in a farm house after the battle.  In later years, some people say Josef Sudek returned to the same farmhouse in hopes of finding his arm.  That was his attempt at closure with his own horrible injury.

After reading the wonderful article at “From My Window”: The Late Work of André Kertész and Josef Sudek, I have learned that Josef Sudek lost his right arm and that Andre Kertesz also suffered a horrible arm injury during World War I.

One Handed Mobile Phone Photography

Although this website is normally about film photography, I think it’s OK to discuss digital photography from time to time.  Or in this case, mobile phone photography.

Any mobile phone that comes with a camera feature can be used one handed.  So that’s one solution to one armed photography, a cheap solution but a solution.

Right Handed Digital Photography

Normally, people shoot digital cameras with two hands.  I suppose I could take a digital photo one handed but I would rather not.  So many of my photos are in low light that I would need something to prevent camera shake when I took photos.  But some people have no choice, they have only one hand for their photography.

Left Handed Digital Cameras

This is why some people need a one handed camera.

My wife had a stroke, and she only has use of her left hand. She needs a compact digital camera; but she needs one that can be operated with only her left hand. Is there such a camera?

Are there any?

Honestly, I’ve searched for left handed digital cameras but I can’t find any.

One Handed Film Cameras Existed, why not Digital?

Ever read about the Canon Photura or the Yashica Samurai film cameras.  Both could be operated one handed.

I am sure that the Yashica Samurai film camera could be operated left handed.  My little bit of research indicates that the Canon Photura was definitely for right handed people, unknown if a left handed version existed.

July 24, 2012.  My search for a Canon Photura in good condition continues.  I thought I had purchased one for $14.13 at a Village Discount store in Chicago.  I purchased an expensive battery and inserted it into the camera.  But the Photura had a broken battery clip on the inside and I could only get it to work once.  So my search for a useable Canon Photura continues.  If you have a Canon Photura you’ll let me try, please leave a comment.

Bad news for Lefties and the Disabled

Aside from cell phone cameras, there are no obvious choices for left handed people and especially disabled people with only a functioning right or left hand.  I do not say these things lightly, I remember when my Dad was disabled for a while as he fought his way back from a stroke to use his right arm.

Perhaps there’s no money in it for manufacturers to care about one handed photography, real photography.  Here’s hoping that digital camera makers will realize that there’s a market for cameras that can be used one handed, safely and with confidence.

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